Metal Roof PV

SunnyCal Solar is the Northern CA exclusive distributor of metal roof panels with built-in solar cells.  This solution now enables a standard metal roof to serve as solar panels.  

Aplus Energy supplies these patented solar modules in many countries where the demand for solar power in the roof covering is emerging. 

Homeowners can now achieve solar power savings without unattactive  add-on solar panels “above” the roof surface. No roof penetrations are needed.

Solar cells are laminated directly to the 22 gauge roof panel, providing significantly better resistance to moisture penetration and fatigue stresses compared to typical soft-backed solar modules.

Now building in high snow load areas can install solar without concern of solar panel destruction due to heavy show loads and ice dam formation in mountainous areas. 

Direct mounting to carport rooftops result in lower profile appearance and significant cost savings.

Direct mounting to carport rooftops result in lower profile and significant cost savings.

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